CLASP 2010: Jollification Time

Johnny Cakes



All the elders, who talked about the ‘sharing and caring’ times of jollification long ago, mentioned that johnny cakes were a favourite food for eating after working hard.  That’s why our team was christened “Johnny Cakes” - a mix of flour, salt, sugar and fat, a popular dish from the melting pot of Caribbean history.  We actually got to make johnny cakes during the summer programme.  They tasted soooo good. Everything we did was interesting.  We did lots of painting, we made kites and coconut fish, sang songs, and played ring and skipping games. Our teachers shared what they knew about jollification they encouraged us chat to older people in our families and community. They told us about some of the toys they played with, what they used to eat, the musical instruments they used and the foods they planted. Sprouting beans in cups gave us the opportunity to look at something growing day by day. The field trips were exciting and we learnt a lot.  At the Desert Green Organic Farm we saw turtles, a snake, worms and listened to Mr Browne as he described his planting methods. At Shoal Bay East we worked alongside the ‘older’ teams (the Jollies and Shantees) on a ‘jollification’ task - to clean up the beach and then enjoyed a fine meal of peas and rice.

Johnny Cakes in Action